Monday, August 21, 2017

[17/8] a

im so sorry
my feelings let you down again
ive been walking around the city for days
trying to find a new perspective,
to see it like them,
but i fall back to the same spot in my house suddenly
i close my eyes and as they open i feel
unable to move again
ive been making plans for days
looking at maps, trying to forget the maps
ive been trying to run without running
but you've met me at the same spot again,
im so sorry

[20/8] b

"that made sense at the time
but now i...
you know, after spending some time somewhere else..."

the sky was cloudy and it seemed like the grey could enter the room. everything had less colour than before.

after a couple of hours, cup of tea in my hands
i looked out the window, and with a little sigh i said
"nevermind. my words stay true."