Thursday, October 15, 2015

should i go where i drown
one of the careful places now destructed
only a few walls left
almost no floor

i can tell you everything with one look

i find my thoughts (to be) as powerful as actions—
ah careful there! little walls left

and i don't want it because it never made me happy
i couldn't say anything
and no one likes quiet

should i walk just along the fence
be where i went when i was younger
i swear i felt the pain then too—
i just didn't know what it was

more stairs to the same floors

i find my world as painful as this world

and all i can think of is the waves
over and over and over and over
all i can think of is
how hard it seems for you to listen

my skin is too thick but not thick enough
different light
the night goes in but never goes out
it never expands

i find my thoughts as strong as actions
careful— the tide may turn

do you know my words

cold walls
cold hands from pressing my palms against the stone
my whole body embrace(s) it
with eyes closed i feel you close
i see how far you are

should i drown in purple waters
keeping you from the rain
should i dive in orange waters
show how fire can be rain

while i think about the waves,
the waves,

Saturday, October 10, 2015

/ 1 /


the king of the nonexistent
we took a ride across a dotted line
we sang our songs
and we sang goodbye
and the lights were out, eyes closed

the queen of the nonexistent
she took a chance and reached for my heart
and when she got it beating on her palm she said
it feels like air and powdered gold


our kingdom was all trees
all sea
the queen drew in the air and our bodies were sand
by day and rain by night

our castles were white and of soft fabric
all sun & candles
the king drew in the air and our bodies were fire
by day and rain by night

/ 2 /


when we walk and we talk and we hold hands
and we say we would lie on the grass and feel our hearts
feel it all
skins & bones

but then the place starts to look like the ones that I know
I've seen it all
and I still want it all but you doubt what I say
and it changes our pace
changes the space

just how slight of a word
or a gesture or step
can erase everything that's around us and cut
through the space we had made

I made something that I have not made
to quote myself, I don't believe in it
or I believe in something that I know doesn't exist

the king of the impossible, in her impossible universe
I want it all and it is nowhere
and most important
it won't do

is the universe ever complete

ah what a strange thought
to be more than you but to what extent
can you feel everything if there is no end

so maybe that's the thing
or maybe it's just a single physical fault
I can't get what I want