Saturday, February 23, 2013

why is it so hard for my subconscious- or whatever
to understand that i'm fine
i'm fine

Saturday, February 9, 2013

she swallowed the stars
she felt them explode inside her

she was all night,
she had a secret she'd never tell

but you know from the million pieces
of many things destroyed
something new can form
something new and uncontrolled

she had the stars inside her,
but she turned against her own

and when the tide came once and twice and thrice
she thought it would wash away what she could no longer hide
but it was gone, and gone, and gone
and still she was there and she didn't see the stars

and then she started to ask why
she built a desert around her and she said she wouldn't cry
and she did not
but still in the dry ground something was starting to grow

she was about to find out
how many pieces she had
she'd be reminded
that they were there from the start

and then came the stars
they filled her lungs and wrists
so she turned against her own

the questions she had buried
were starting to come back
why am i a cage
or why do i want to fly

and when the stars shine bright she asks who they're fighting for
but the answers are only echoes
me, me, you, you,
right, right, wrong, wrong

and the sounds hit walls she didn't build
and the sand is colder than it seems
but it's not

and the tide comes and the tide goes
and the stars change the light in the waves
every second a different shade

so she tried ignoring her own
but the tide kept coming back
so she tried to listen but only more questions came out
from every corner, every spot

so she thought,
am i all of this that
she said maybe everything
has to end how it began

she was all night, she had
some secrets she'd never tell
and though she was shaking she said
let them come.