Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tantas cosas salen mal tantas veces que empiezo a creer en el destino

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

i never understood how someone could love me
but now that i gave you everything why did you choose to leave

Saturday, October 8, 2011

why do i want to 'save' everyone
who do i think i am

Saturday, October 1, 2011

[25 09 11, 02.02 am]

i need to say something
i need the magic that's in the air when i'm alone
to sing something to me
particles of dust
reflect a million colours of light
the voices of the ones who always touch my heart
beat softly

i don't care what you say i don't care if you understand
the words i use or the roads i choose
but what am i to do with this
i mean where are you

there's a sky in which we drew
patterns and stories that night
and the days that followed
there are lines that gleam
when we mention their names
and the sound
of your words and my
cautious smile
i believed, oh i
couldn't stop my imagination
from building us a home
small and quiet
i could not stop myself from
framing a piece of the sky and
hanging it on the wall

and now when you knock on my door
i don't know where i'm from
i don't know where i have been
or what i'm here for

maybe saying more
would be saying less
but you know that i never forget
i just turn some things into words
which you can't understand
and when you're silent
and i don't say a thing
where are you
where have you been

so "do you remember me?"
or was it just another day
full of stories and i'm
just another stranger
that happened to come your way
so what did you write about me
on your book of forgettable thoughts
was there actually something there
or was i just another ghost

but i am still here,
but i forgot where i belong
and you are still there
but i don't know where you're from

well okay
i mean does fate exist
because sometimes i believe
that my home is the sea
or nowhere at all
but well, okay
i guess you can have a choice
i guess you can have it all
because i don't know how to feel

i am lost, are you not-
well maybe you don't
listen to yourself
or maybe i just like to see you that way
oh i thought i would stay

the night starts to get darker now,
its needles hurt my eyes
my lips are dry and somehow
the magic starts to die
there's something in the stars,
there's something in the sky
something that never leaves
an echo of your voice
and your eyes
and the songs of the ones who save me
the ones who won't let me die
there is something in you, too
a veil when you look at me
that changes when you sleep
a veil of diamonds covered in dust

the night starts to shout
and why aren't you here, why aren't you here now
oh i know how this sounds
i'll never say it out loud
you already know that i miss you
i don't care if you miss me too

but what to do, what to do
oh am i saying too much
why can't i just be like the clouds,
why can't i fall like rain
to the ground
and lie there and not make a sound
the only reason to live
is to find the sea
to be one, to be more than me
but am i saying too much
what matters is where do i go
when i don't know
what you see
when i can't be
when i can't grow
when i try so hard not to feel
a thing
and they sing, they sing
and are you far or are you near
i start shaking inside, i
can't feel nothing but the ice
that cuts through my veins
i shake
if you could feel my heart, if you could feel my lungs
and how they shudder
i bet you'd be surprised
to see that you matter

there's a sky
mine- only mine this time
i drew lines that are beginning to fade
there is a window i can't open anymore
there is lightning and a storm
i guess this is my home
and i hope that some day
wherever you go when your sky fades
you can see something of me
i hope that the stars show you the way
when you walk by the sea.