Sunday, March 13, 2016

is this it
have i found my winterhome,
home is winter autumn snow,
crunchy leaves and greyish cold

did all of those hours turn time around
ah but words stain my tarnished windows
home's not cozy home's not open home's not

did all of those years just fall in the background
a long walking distance
winterboots, snowy grass, not many paths
winterwoods, snowy earth, like in the past

what day is it today
and also first of a cycle
and also third of a series
did the train stop here again or it is just too close

maybe i spent so much time now there isn't any left
but i guess i'm already leaving because it remembers to come back
and pull you out/in

as a side note, there was him in my dream
i made him such big part of me that i cannot make him leave
i don't miss him, do i
i don't mind either way, but last night
he was just playing a part of me

yes, i could still see you in my home
another one but a winter one
i don't mind, i understand
and walking here there's no you

guess i'm leaving, i hear the sea
but some things i don't forget
and i know my place in the woods
i know winterland without time
i know how it hurts and i know why
a snowheart