Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

edit: había copiado cualquier cosa en lo del 13/11. ya lo arreglé ~

[cuaderno 16 + notas]



it was never me
i was never me

fill the hole left in my soul
when you took it away

i want someone new
only because i miss you



you lie when you say you don't lie
and i was lying when i said i'd lied


cada tanto
sos un corte
en el pecho
el ardor
de cuando algo roza la piel
cada tanto
pero sólo
cada tanto


[13 11 11]

i am not who i want to be
but who would i want to be if i wasn't who i am?


[23 11 11]

the night is strangling me

i try and get nothing
i don't blame you, i blame my veins
does this poison run through yours too
if you think about it for a second?

what is the night doing to you?


[24 11 11]

oh remember when i used to get lost in the forest
remember when i was sunlight and shade
and the night at the same time

you're from another world and that's why i like you
but i also know that once you built a little house near mine
without either of us noticing

i can't define what it is about you-

i wish i could see you today
make the stars brighter


[6/7? 12 11]

i try to create something small

i have to forget the things that i've done but mostly
i have to forget what i hate about what i've done

change your mind
waste my time


[6/7? 12 11]

i haven't been able to say a word in what feels like years
my teeth are ice and my tears are blood
but i won't let them show
i don't mean anything by the word 'okay'
most of my days are grey so where are your eyes
i never waited for you but i always did
i want to know more about the world and less about me
i don't mean anything by the word 'maybe'
except that i'm not there


[13 12 11]

how comforting is it to say "i don't want to"
how comforting is it to say "i'm lying"
you can scream but they won't feel your lungs

there was a time when i wondered what their blood tasted like
now i only want to see us all drained
can we all be empty

every word i say is another knife
every thing i do is another fire

can we all be cold deserts

where is the beauty of the night
i've asked before but you never replied

i can hear you but i can't feel your hands
your heart


[21 12 11]

las cosas no significan

más que la necesidad de que las noten


[28 01 12]

i died again today
i smothered me before i could learn how to breathe

i am going to wake you up even if that means that you'll hate me

i died again today but i smiled when i hit the ground

i can count my steps

so many things at once

i am dancing
with myself
i'm asleep
when i'm awake

i'll wake me up even if that mean that you'll hate me

"i'm not being myself
so i can remember who i am"

but oh how the day went by
fast and heavy on my shoulders
and how their voices pierced right through my stomach

i died again today
and i think that for a second
i came back

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nobody, Not Even the Rain by La Dispute on Grooveshark
edit: no hay manera de que ponga canciones, nunca andan por mucho tiempo :(