Monday, January 26, 2015

kiss my flaws.

Monday, January 19, 2015


aware but not in control
my lungs are filled with rocks;
spin - is it the room or is it me?

all that you can't see in me
is all i really want to be.
a lie is a dream never come true

come and go and leave me incomplete;

in control but not completely aware.
(i know i am right just because
i can only see through my eyes)

come and leave and go incomplete
play along, play dead;

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

you're not letting me feel & build the strings
and you know i need a reason, at least

please please i am asking
i do everything to inhale the summer night sky
but you make me choke

the windows remind me there are lights on
we dance surrounded by static
and every time i hold a hand
you make me invisible

why don't we sit down and talk
(whoever reads this will think i'm talking about him, how funny)
i find ways to "drown carefully" but with you
it's too carefully and do not drown at all

he's invisible and so am i
to everyone and myself
the sun can't scar me
the night can't change me
water can't heal me
and silence can't break me

and you'll make sure that i stay home
where the blankets are cold and the lights are on
even when windows are closed

and i'll run and the sun won't be enough for me
everything i could ask for will only be a breeze
you'll make sure it rains only in me
you'll make sure that it's a storm

where did the sky come from,
where did dusk come from
if i start to reflect the twilight it will be a cloudy night
i hold hands
i spend time
looking into eyes
reading into minds
writing into ties
but it will be a cloudy night

i will let them in
when you are not looking i will begin
a million times to build the strings
and when you break them i will say
if you're waiting so am i but i grew tired of it
when you don't listen i will stay but i'll be tired of it
and i'll search for them everywhere
because i'd rather hate you than breathe steadily
if it means that i'm translucent
that i can't look closely

i will break my heart
until i can look closely

Saturday, January 10, 2015


how could it last
all ghosts look the same when they're far away

chicos realmente cuando me muera le voy a preguntar al destino por qué carajo me hace seguir soñandoypensando en la misma persona siempre y que sin embargo NO NOS PODAMOS ENCONTRAR (más allá de que a la otra persona no le importa en lo más mínimo todo esto y eso está bien) no dejo de reírme pero REALMENTE CUÁL ERA LA IDEA DEJEN QUE HABLEMOS Y NOS DIGAMOS OK CHAU

Saturday, January 3, 2015


está escondido delante de nuestros ojos y detrás de nuestras palabras.

vuela alrededor, se enreda, me atrapa, nos atrapa, y ni siquiera intentamos escapar.
es el riesgo de lo conocido, jugar otra vez a lo mismo sabiendo que ganar es igual a perder.

y seguimos corriendo.