Wednesday, July 12, 2017


oh baby i don't wanna talk
my day's been gone like any other day
i've been trying to find the answers i don't want to try to find

i've been living alone
and you,
have you been living alone?

oh baby i don't want to teach you lessons
i know we've been doing fine,
why do we lose our minds?
why do i think i lost my mind?

baby i just want to feel your arms
while i look into your eyes

oh i, i don't wanna talk
we'll see tomorrow, we'll see how this all feels
we'll go on walking and saying how've you been
stepping on ice and then i'll look into your eyes

oh i believe you, but i don't wanna talk
it's (be)coming clearer but still there's a long road
and everything i thought would end
is becoming clearer in my head
and i know that you, too, understand

but that is too many words,
i just wanna say i'll hold you close

tomorrow & always