Monday, July 27, 2009

¿sé demasiado?

todo lo que digo, todo lo que escribo es tan superficial.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

20 names to songs i'll never write:

01. what happened

02. my lies are all i have
03. alone, scared and gone
04. lie and love

05. the bitter taste of the best moments
06. they see nowhere
07. the imprint
08. asphyxiate and fly
09. i'm not like you but i like you
10. and so it carried me away

11. if it's not you, this can't be us
12. all of a sudden, all of me

13. swallow the bullet

14. rollercoaster (do you remember me?)

15. you're all so weak and blurry
16. out of all the things i love, you are my favorite
17. big mistakes in small places
18. maybe forever
19. let it out (i just want to see your eyes when you look at what i've done)

20. i won't need you if you're not here but i'll be there if you need me

Thursday, July 16, 2009

headphones on, volume up
still my favorite songs and dreams seem so far away.

a terrible love song, you sang it so sweet.

it happened so fast i can't even remember the feeling.

sweaty and sleepy,
like every other time.
i don't know what it was,

i can see right through your eyes,
inside and outside

and now that we are the same,
everything's got to change.

"i'm sorry i'm not what you need,
i'm sorry i'm not what i need to be".

somewhere between the lines
of the letters we wrote
and too much talking on the phone
somewhere between the times i run into you
and "i don't believe in coincidences",
we got caught up
and i locked every door.

"never", like the coldest wind.
like the haunting nightmare.

we fear to be free.

"never", but was it a lie?
things are not what you expect them to be.

the smoke, the lights off
we share something deeper tonight.

"i can never let you go".

but i don't even remember the feeling.
just one word.

right now i feel like i've gone two years back.
it's all here again.
if this is it then i don't want to grow up.
because right now i feel like the most important part
of everything i am
has left me.

the worst part is i need you more than anything.

i remember every word you said.
how i couldn't get you at all
but still wanted to know.
i remember trying to change you.
well look at us now,
i'd never thought we'd end up like this.

the scenery changes
all the time.
but we both need something to hold on to.

i never thought it'd break us apart,
but i never thought we'd depend on it
as something else than love.

the meaning changes
all the time.
i can see right through your eyes.
"more than anyone", you said.
more than anything in the world.

and yet there's so much more.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

holding on to only a ghost.
my greatest possession is something that doesn't exist.