Tuesday, December 30, 2008

lo bueno es que puedo ver y mostrar lo que cambió.
lo malo es que hay cosas que nunca van a dejar de avergonzarme.

y otras nunca van a dejar de volver.
y a veces me avergüenza querer que vuelvan, pero no puedo evitarlo.

Friday, December 26, 2008

(odio el amarillo.)

me aburrí.

edit: corrección - me cansé.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

i wish i was smaller,
now that i'm already invisible.

"ya está";

it's already gone. it's scary how i try to keep things close and how i can't. it all slips away and i can't help but care too much. every loss feels as a part of me being torn apart. i wished i could sing your songs but even if everything fades away, i don't. and the constant seach for something to fill the void feels like a waste-
i waste my time wanting and wishing i didn't need it. it's gone. it's locked somewhere inside me but the view changes every second, "the usual change of perspective"; and i really wished i could write and sing your songs but i can't ever let go.

and i wished it was something else. but it's only tension. i break the walls and build them up again. break my walls of fear. build them up with ice. then hell is here again.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i will never forgive or forget,
a constant reminder, your lifeless heart on a rope around my neck.

just a broken kid in a broken town,

lost in his lies,
lost in his own lies
y repetirse como los latidos,
recordándote que sin embargo el tiempo suma y resta.

el irrefrenable tal vez,
el insoportable no importa.

y las luces,
intermitentes y engañosas.
inalcanzables y encerradas
(aunque quieran hacernos creer lo contrario).