Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"si no puedo aprender, olvidaré".

la sombra de Sombra en mis ojos
yo nunca te conocí
pero sólo a ti

y ahora voy a cubrir las paredes de espejos

then he woke up with a silent scream
thought of you and everyone else
but only you
could get it right

so i woke up and my dream wasn't a dream
but it won't last
'cause only you
could still come back

i'll write you a letter and bury it deep
i'll write you a song i'll play it only for me
'cause only you
could still figure me out
and make me forget
that i forgot how to speak

we can never forget how it all began.
no matter what we say, this will never end.

"no creo que lo recuerdes, entonces olvidaré".

mis labios no quieren decir la otra mitad,
está escrito en la sombra de Sombra y tantos más

y si cierro mis ojos
nunca me encontrarás.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

my heart will never listen

the world turns white,
  i breathe it in
  i'm gone

pull me out, pull me out
  drown in me

be my death

my heart won't listen

walk with me

right now: nowhere
i will never be alive

keep walking
i'm not breathing
but i keep walking

(could i make you believe
you can walk with me?)

the day is coming
the day never ends

blind my eyes
maybe i can run faster

never feel the air
in and out your lungs


walk with me at dusk

don't let me run away
when the day comes

light, blind my eyes
erase my words
silence my voice

rain, come at night
sing with me

Saturday, January 9, 2010


chemical warfare is a dangerous game.
the explosions are not bright; they’re dark.
and the more bombs ignite, the darker it gets.
leaving you sinking, sinking, sinking,
further away from what is real,
from what you know makes sense.
until you lose your sense of direction.
and reality feels like a memory.

just because it’s not real,
doesn’t mean it must be fake.

[ from jk royston's blog. ]