Tuesday, January 24, 2012

—Las cicatrices nunca se van, ¿verdad?
—Van y vienen, creo yo.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happiness exists when you don't know a thing
so i hope you don't think this song is about you

Friday, January 6, 2012

so what would he do
i know he was like me before Sky
but with a bit more clarity
or less
but being somewhere else strangely made him more capable
of dealing with was going on here
So what would he have done
oh but he's also a martyr
or just a self-destructive kid
he would have said "i'm sorry,
sorry i have to leave"
he would say goodbye to both of them and then feel like
there was nothing left in him
"my veins should be empty,
my heart should be empty because that is how i feel"

and how you'd wish that your life was a movie
or one of the books you always promised yourself you would read
how you'd love your life to have the magic
that your songs had
how you wished they'd known
you wrote those words for them

some secrets are not kept by choice
some people don't care about the truth
or what's beneath the surface
you never lied, it's just they never asked
well i feel the same way now
(i guess that is what you are, mostly
i found you again)

we are candles
we are the perfect home
but broken
we are bruises and firelight
i guess you had the stars and i only have the scars
but we are
the lies
we didn't want to say
we are autumn clouds floating away

okay so
what should we do
what would you do
stay a little bit farther
but say more, i know you would
but you have a way with words
i can only hope to find at night
when i'm alone
or when you're near

i need to be free
you had nothing but you had freedom
you fly
i don't think you see that but you fly

i will be water one day,
i will be water
and we will meet in the rain