Monday, May 16, 2011

the crow arises
and steals the dreams from my eyes

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i only care about myself
and my death
about my life
and your demise

my heart doesn't get what my mind is saying
and no, you can't save me
so who's gonna leave first
ignore the beating in my chest

i can't seem to grow up
and get out
of this same old room
at least not any time soon
(with or without you)

if we're not gonna destroy eachother
what do you want me to answer
feel my touch
but don't feel too much

well i guess it's me
and the bruises on my knees
well this never ever ends
i'm too tired to make sense

i don't know about you but i will learn
i'll shut up but, damn
you will stay
even though i'll never say

so baby hold on tight
because this dies tonight
(i said it, i'll be alright)
this is my life
and your demise