Friday, February 25, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

so desperate to fall in love
with a song,
a colour,
the eyes of a stranger
some new fragrance
or a nearly-forgotten perfume
the taste of water
or a touch never felt before

changing seasons
they fold and unfold
as days and nights
come and go

(i will be when you are with me.)

frozen light
dry tongue
heavy stomach
sore limbs

skies about to fall
and collide
breaking windows
tearing down
the walls

(be careful, i might explode.
but for now,
everyone is blind.)

when i stare at you i'm looking inside myself.
seeing things shine for once.
for a while.
then you turn your back and it goes black
and red and dead.

i dance
on piano keys
i've hurt
my knees
something flies
around me
you come back to life
inside me

something flies around me and grabs me by the neck
i hurt my knees
well is this something you would expect
no, it never is

and so
i guess i'll go
listen, i'm always
the one who leaves
and even though
you'll never know,
there is a trail
for the one who sees

one blooming day
i'll fall in love
with a new place
a new beat
one gloomy day
i'll fall in love
with a new face
a heartbeat

and then who knows
maybe i'll disappear.