Tuesday, October 22, 2013

it's gone so go

Saturday, October 5, 2013

[28 sep + 3 oct]

well thank you
for tearing it
for opening the curtains, I guess
even though it made you fall apart
in my room


here's an idea:
I'm tired of knowing everything

here's an idea, I'm afraid that I may have chosen you
because I knew

here's an idea:
what do I gain with understanding
well I hope it makes us better


and nature
nature has unveiled its many veils
once again

why do we lose balance
as much as we try to deny it
as much as we also believe
in the opposite

we can't make it simple


here's an idea, I'm just tired of
how it is never simple

but nature
is imposing herself right now,
it is gleaming

fluorescent colors that almost laugh

and you- dark
and me- a different shade

from a corner
something asked me why
something I'd written on the walls, subtly though
what is it you feel
and why

the things I say (that) don't matter as defining lines
were now density in the air
subtle thread, around

it's the combination
of the empty spaces,
the spaces contained between the threads
the limits
oh the limits, again

oh how we are divided
in pieces
oh how you fell apart
and I am still alone


here's an idea: I am still
alone in this

well the thing is
I lied to myself and I bought my own lie

and you, without a clue, you think I always tell the truth

I'm not what you picture(d),
every layer shows

and do I see yours

well aren't we artists all,
how much of it is my choice

(I hoped you'd distract me
from the static, the soft noise
which, anyway
is my home)

well I'll design you again
but maybe joined to a part of me
by a thread.

maybe the spaces will continue to change.