Thursday, October 15, 2015

should i go where i drown
one of the careful places now destructed
only a few walls left
almost no floor

i can tell you everything with one look

i find my thoughts (to be) as powerful as actions—
ah careful there! little walls left

and i don't want it because it never made me happy
i couldn't say anything
and no one likes quiet

should i walk just along the fence
be where i went when i was younger
i swear i felt the pain then too—
i just didn't know what it was

more stairs to the same floors

i find my world as painful as this world

and all i can think of is the waves
over and over and over and over
all i can think of is
how hard it seems for you to listen

my skin is too thick but not thick enough
different light
the night goes in but never goes out
it never expands

i find my thoughts as strong as actions
careful— the tide may turn

do you know my words

cold walls
cold hands from pressing my palms against the stone
my whole body embrace(s) it
with eyes closed i feel you close
i see how far you are

should i drown in purple waters
keeping you from the rain
should i dive in orange waters
show how fire can be rain

while i think about the waves,
the waves,

Saturday, October 10, 2015

/ 1 /


the king of the nonexistent
we took a ride across a dotted line
we sang our songs
and we sang goodbye
and the lights were out, eyes closed

the queen of the nonexistent
she took a chance and reached for my heart
and when she got it beating on her palm she said
it feels like air and powdered gold


our kingdom was all trees
all sea
the queen drew in the air and our bodies were sand
by day and rain by night

our castles were white and of soft fabric
all sun & candles
the king drew in the air and our bodies were fire
by day and rain by night

/ 2 /


when we walk and we talk and we hold hands
and we say we would lie on the grass and feel our hearts
feel it all
skins & bones

but then the place starts to look like the ones that I know
I've seen it all
and I still want it all but you doubt what I say
and it changes our pace
changes the space

just how slight of a word
or a gesture or step
can erase everything that's around us and cut
through the space we had made

I made something that I have not made
to quote myself, I don't believe in it
or I believe in something that I know doesn't exist

the king of the impossible, in her impossible universe
I want it all and it is nowhere
and most important
it won't do

is the universe ever complete

ah what a strange thought
to be more than you but to what extent
can you feel everything if there is no end

so maybe that's the thing
or maybe it's just a single physical fault
I can't get what I want

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

finding the truth and also realising there isn't only one truth

Saturday, August 15, 2015

a new city is always wider

Sunday, August 9, 2015

[5 8 2015]

pequeñas líneas vienen hoy
papel dañado por el trazo
pequeñas casas hoy
el cielo se mueve rápido

me muestro con tantos espejos y me veo con tantos recuerdos
la bruma y el humo en las noches al abrir y cerrar los ojos
en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
en roces y luces y espejos de todos

entre baúles antiguos y prendas impecables
vidrios azules
y ventanas inalcanzables

(si lo que más me duele es materializarme
lo que más me duele es olvidarlo)

pequeñas líneas en contornos
el aire se mueve distinto
de muchas maneras
o en pequeños círculos

(un pequeño golpe en los pulmones
uno, dos, tres
humo y perfume en los pulmones
doce, cuatro, seis)

nadie conoce estas manos
ni todas mis texturas
que se mueven con el sol y la luna
todo en mí es un caleidoscopio

y en el pasaje de uno a otro
los motivos se inscriben en papel
todo se escribe en mi piel

Monday, July 20, 2015

changing my maps

Saturday, May 30, 2015

hace muchísimo que no puedo escribir

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


can't get out of this loneliness

and by that i mean i don't have myself

Sunday, April 26, 2015


I'm back here
revolving dark blue ocean wave
(attn: maybe fear is blue)
shades mix
and now the power went out
dogs bark outside
I think about three things
the sound of water and guilt
and what if
and the dogs - where am I
this is a deeper time
the air takes time getting here
what a good day
what a dreary night
the answer is in going in and out
in hating the cycle and doing it again anyway
until it means nothing
and something uncovers
somewhere there's a tree of tiny lights that I build all the time
soft leaves
the greenest green
meanwhile I'll sleep in a cloud
yes I'm riding
no rain yet but soon
for now warm stars like branches
of my little tree
waves and barks below
and other confusing sounds

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

i wish you knew about the things that never change/d
y que no son las del post anterior

close the door and open every window.
i always leave traces,

maybe this time
one of us will act different.

and maybe this time
i'll be the one who doesn't care.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

[7.40 a.m.]

i remember thinking last night
that there was a time but it's gone
but i'm new now and i don't know you
and promises are like castles
like things we teach each other
and blankets
and though many suns and clouds are here right now
there's shelter
and it is the things i don't get
i don't understand but i don't have to

Monday, March 9, 2015

No puedo separarlos, lo siento
Estás acá y están ellos dos
Están todos, rítmicamente
Cuando la sangre corre hace cosquillas
Cuando las yemas recorren
Cuando las golpeo siguiendo el ritmo
Pero todo lo que me abraza
Y todos los golpes
Todas las galaxias
Son un universo
Y es mío
Todos los ritmos forman el mismo
No puedo separarte, lo siento

the light changes and i need to go
i take the reflections with me
i take my notebook and a string of the universe
a window to the universe

when you see nothing
there is a whole world behind
there's a string of planets being born and growing old

I am done!
Cut me open and make me new. Make me like you.

make me like you

I'm sure any of you would unleash galaxies
if we met
i've been swimming around
the absence of everything
the absence of everyone
i've been swimming in, out
of every heart i meet

Cuánta es la importancia
de ver los puentes y las órbitas
si igual no puedo advertirte
Cuando hablo del tiempo también hablo de las formas
Todo entra cuando respiro
Me golpeás en ritmo
Las manos de todos enlazadas
giramos sin eje
nadamos sin eje

in, out
the stars leave their mark
when they fall into the water
and the small waves collide
turning one into another
it's a pattern the sky repeats
drawing orbits and shooting
stars, in, out

no soy como vos
te pido formas imposibles
conozco cómo algo en un plano
dispara algo en otro
y conozco el lugar y el momento
en que los planos no existen
y si te digo todo esto
es porque no quiero separarte, lo siento
escuchá, girá, cambiá de forma
seguirás creciendo

Sunday, March 1, 2015

some things i want so much they make me want to throw up

Friday, February 20, 2015


it wasn't about the pain.
it wasn't about letting everyone know.
it wasn't about having something to hide.
it wasn't to remind myself that i'm alive,
i did it to show that i'm aware.

Friday, February 13, 2015

las yemas en labios
detrás momentos lejanos
me alejo soñando
lo mismo que pasa
mis ojos rozan el agua,
mis palmas la arcilla
sin que te enteres
y más tarde silencio
no es la negación
si nuestras venas se juntaran no tendría que explicarte
yo no sé dar vueltas
no sé hablar sin mis yemas
y por otro lado
es difícil recorrer si no recuerdo
cómo miran tus ojos
tengo algún invierno pero olvidarte jamás
tengo un universo pero olvidarte jamás
si nuestras tierras se juntaran no tendría que cerrarte
las pestañas sienten el agua
(podría moldearte si quisiera)
dibujé mi vuelta en vos
y en todos mis movimientos
no decir nada es recordarte siempre y llamarte siempre

Monday, January 26, 2015

kiss my flaws.

Monday, January 19, 2015


aware but not in control
my lungs are filled with rocks;
spin - is it the room or is it me?

all that you can't see in me
is all i really want to be.
a lie is a dream never come true

come and go and leave me incomplete;

in control but not completely aware.
(i know i am right just because
i can only see through my eyes)

come and leave and go incomplete
play along, play dead;

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

you're not letting me feel & build the strings
and you know i need a reason, at least

please please i am asking
i do everything to inhale the summer night sky
but you make me choke

the windows remind me there are lights on
we dance surrounded by static
and every time i hold a hand
you make me invisible

why don't we sit down and talk
(whoever reads this will think i'm talking about him, how funny)
i find ways to "drown carefully" but with you
it's too carefully and do not drown at all

he's invisible and so am i
to everyone and myself
the sun can't scar me
the night can't change me
water can't heal me
and silence can't break me

and you'll make sure that i stay home
where the blankets are cold and the lights are on
even when windows are closed

and i'll run and the sun won't be enough for me
everything i could ask for will only be a breeze
you'll make sure it rains only in me
you'll make sure that it's a storm

where did the sky come from,
where did dusk come from
if i start to reflect the twilight it will be a cloudy night
i hold hands
i spend time
looking into eyes
reading into minds
writing into ties
but it will be a cloudy night

i will let them in
when you are not looking i will begin
a million times to build the strings
and when you break them i will say
if you're waiting so am i but i grew tired of it
when you don't listen i will stay but i'll be tired of it
and i'll search for them everywhere
because i'd rather hate you than breathe steadily
if it means that i'm translucent
that i can't look closely

i will break my heart
until i can look closely

Saturday, January 10, 2015


how could it last
all ghosts look the same when they're far away

chicos realmente cuando me muera le voy a preguntar al destino por qué carajo me hace seguir soñandoypensando en la misma persona siempre y que sin embargo NO NOS PODAMOS ENCONTRAR (más allá de que a la otra persona no le importa en lo más mínimo todo esto y eso está bien) no dejo de reírme pero REALMENTE CUÁL ERA LA IDEA DEJEN QUE HABLEMOS Y NOS DIGAMOS OK CHAU

Saturday, January 3, 2015


está escondido delante de nuestros ojos y detrás de nuestras palabras.

vuela alrededor, se enreda, me atrapa, nos atrapa, y ni siquiera intentamos escapar.
es el riesgo de lo conocido, jugar otra vez a lo mismo sabiendo que ganar es igual a perder.

y seguimos corriendo.