Thursday, August 23, 2018

you know, when it sparks
even with your eyes closed
a few misteps-- but its there
hear your own voice
see your own memories
picture others', too
its on your fingertips
youre sure
this is how it was before
but then when you actually grab it
when youre ready to feel the rush
something pushes you aside, separates you from you
you wanna stay where you were but
it is fake now
and you feel nothing

lie down a while, keep on with your day
theres an aftertaste of unsureness
oh, dont spiral down again
how to compensate
how many holes do you keep in your heart
how much empty space
ah how to compensate
what to untie

it lights up again
but you know best
stay still
maybe you dont need your heart
or maybe it will figure itself out
at some point

such simple things
can make you spin

and you push you aside,
just a little bit
stay still
watch it go
how many holes
do you carry in your heart
well you dont know
youre just looking from a distance